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How to use Heicard Chip to Unlock iPhone on iOS 13+ 超雪卡贴解锁使用

How to use(IOS 13+) step 1: Insert HeicardSim into your iPhone with your SIM card   把卡贴和手机卡放进手机 step 2: Activate your iPhone, and then you will see the popup window, just like black picture. 稍等一会自动弹出卡贴菜单 step 3: Select mode, you can select ‘Universal Activation’ or ‘Manual via IMSI/TMSI’ 选择解锁模式,你可以选择通用解锁或者手动IMSI/TMSI if you select ‘Universal Activation’ mode, you will see: (click ‘send’, and ‘Accept’, and then need to wait) 如果你选择通用解锁,再输入最新有效ICCID,然后发送,接受. if you select ‘Manual via IMSI/TMSI’, you will see: (select your iPhone locked carrier and then need to wait) 如果你选择手动解锁IMSI/TMSI,你就需要选择你当前手机的原始运营商,譬如你的是美国AT&T版,就选择AT&T/AU这项。下一步依然是输入最新ICCID然后发送-接受。 step 4: you will see your iPhone return to ‘Activation screen’, at this time you do nothing, just wait for your iPhone searching signal and it will enter your desktop screen again. 输入最新ICCID发送接受之后,手机会进入激活界面,这个时候你不需要点击任何操作,就一直等,等手机自动搜索信号和激活,它会自动激活并进入手机桌面。 3.FAQ 一般问题 3.1 if ‘No Service’, you can enter SKT menu, click ‘Reload TMSI’ 如果一直没有信号,你可以进入手机的设置-蜂窝网络-SIM卡应用那里找到卡贴菜单,点击Reload TMSI 重新刷新信号再等信号出来就可以。 3.2 if you can not activate your iPhone, check the iccid whether it have been blocked, if blocked, you need to change another one 如果一直卡在手机激活界面或者激活无效,你就需要检查你输入的ICCID时候已经被封,如果被封,请更改最新有效的ICCID,再重复以上操作。   From: Http://heicard.com