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LG G6 H872 T-Mobile Bootloader Unlock and Relock Method

Warning, this will voids the warranty. Also make sure you backed up what you need to because it will wipe all your device clean! 注意: 这操作会让保修失效,请慎重操作,还有记得保存手机数据,这操作会抹除手机所有数据!! This method works on LG G6 H872 T-Mobile US version. Files : Download  adb-Tool  and Unzip to anywhere you can find,for example I unzipped the files to D:  下载adb-tool 和解压 Go to the Phone’s Settings>General > About > Software info>Build number press 6 times> go back to General and find  developer options>Enable OEM Unlock On, and Enable usb debugging. Connected the Phone to Computer with Cable(Tap ok or give access if the phone ask or request) Open the cmd.exe (the cmd.exe you can find it where you unzipped to) Enter: adb reboot bootloader (if the phone ask for Allow USB debugging?, click and Tap Ok) — The Phone will be reboot and in Fastboot Mode. 6.enter: fastboot oem unlock   the phone will shows as this 7. After than it should unlock to verify type: fastboot getvar unlocked and it will say yes or no! 8. enter: fastboot reboot  (The Phone will be reboot to normal mode)) and you’ll be all in! To relock the bootloader: adb reboot bootloader fastboot oem lock To verify your status type: fastboot getvar unlocked   From: https://forum.xda-developers.com