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The Homemade Chinese wax gourd moon cakes.广式冬蓉月饼

  The HomeMade Chinese wax gourd Moon Cake step by step. 自制广式冬蓉月饼。 Hope you enjoy this video,thank you!希望你喜欢这个视频,谢谢! If you have any question,please leave message here and I will respond soon as I can! 如果你有任何问题关于这视频的请留言,我会尽快回复,谢谢!

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How to use Heicard Chip to Unlock iPhone on iOS 13+ 超雪卡贴解锁使用

How to use(IOS 13+) step 1: Insert HeicardSim into your iPhone with your SIM card   把卡贴和手机卡放进手机 step 2: Activate your iPhone, and then you will see the popup window, just like black picture. 稍等一会自动弹出卡贴菜单 step 3: Select mode, you can select ‘Universal Activation’ or ‘Manual via IMSI/TMSI’ 选择解锁模式,你可以选择通用解锁或者手动IMSI/TMSI if you select ‘Universal Activation’ mode, you will see: (click ‘send’, and ‘Accept’, and then need to wait) 如果你选择通用解锁,再输入最新有效ICCID,然后发送,接受. if you select ‘Manual via IMSI/TMSI’, you will see: (select your iPhone locked carrier and then need to wait) 如果你选择手动解锁IMSI/TMSI,你就需要选择你当前手机的原始运营商,譬如你的是美国AT&T版,就选择AT&T/AU这项。下一步依然是输入最新ICCID然后发送-接受。 step 4: you will see your iPhone return to ‘Activation screen’, at this time you do nothing, just wait for your iPhone searching signal and it will enter your desktop screen again. 输入最新ICCID发送接受之后,手机会进入激活界面,这个时候你不需要点击任何操作,就一直等,等手机自动搜索信号和激活,它会自动激活并进入手机桌面。 3.FAQ 一般问题 3.1 if ‘No Service’, you can enter SKT menu, click ‘Reload TMSI’ 如果一直没有信号,你可以进入手机的设置-蜂窝网络-SIM卡应用那里找到卡贴菜单,点击Reload TMSI 重新刷新信号再等信号出来就可以。 3.2 if you can not activate your iPhone, check the iccid whether it have been blocked, if blocked, you need to change another one 如果一直卡在手机激活界面或者激活无效,你就需要检查你输入的ICCID时候已经被封,如果被封,请更改最新有效的ICCID,再重复以上操作。   From: Http://  

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ESN & iCloud checker iCloud 锁和黑白名单查询

ESN check  from official Carriers Verizon  – AT&T – T-Mobile – Sprint – MetroPCS – US Cellular – Cricket – Boost Mobile – Xfinity Mobile – Ting –   Third Party  ESN checker   iCloud checker

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Some Useful tool&Drivers for Smartphones 智能手机PC实用软件及驱动

Apple iTunes for Windows – (64-bit) iTunes for Windows-(32-bit) (From i4Tools-v7.98.09  爱思助手 (from PP 助手 (from ——————————————————————————————————————— Samsung Samsung Odin V3.13.1 Download SAMSUNG_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones.exe (35.1MB)  (From  ——————————————————————————————————————— Huawei HUAWEI HiSuites 手机助手 ——————————————————————————————————————— LG LG Universal Mobile Driver LG Bridge  (From ——————————————————————————————————————— Motorola Motorola Drivers (from ——————————————————————————————————————— Firmwares(third-party): Apple: Samsung: Huawei: Xiaomi: Oppo: Vivo: LG: Motorola: Google: Multiple:

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GCF settings – Applicability

GCF settings – Applicability Some phone models requires GCF settings to be applied in order to complete the unlock, below is the list. You may also need to use this feature in order to open the service menu. To access it you can either tap on “GCF Settings” button on the main screen (Fig. 1), or access such setting from the three dots menu button on top right of the app and then tapping on “GCF Setting” menu item (Fig. 2). Please follow these steps only if you will use a GSM SIM (e.g. T-Mobile, AT&T etc…), in case you will use another CDMA SIM (like Verizon for example) then skip these steps. If you applied GCF Setting and you want to revert it in order to use a CDMA SIM (to return back to Sprint for example) just follow the same steps but chose “GCF OFF” or “SETTING CANCELLATION” instead in the latest selection. If your phone needs the GCF settings to be applied please open such menu using one of the two below ways (Fig. 1 or 2). Models that require GCF Settings MEGA SPH-L600 Note 3 SM-N900P Note 4 SM-N910P Note Edge SM-N915P S4 SPH-L720 S4 Triband SPH-L720T S5 SM-G900P S5 Sport SM-G860P If your phone is rooted you will see the Service Menu direclty (Fig. 3).If your phone is NOT rooted you will see the IOTHiddenMenu (Fig. 4), tap on TestMode Menu to open the Service Menu(Fig. 5). From Service Menu follow the steps below related to your phone model. 1. GCF settings for Note3, Note4/Edge, S5, and S5 variants Tap the GCF Settings Button or tap on the app menu, then tap on GCF Settings dropdown menu item, then tap on these options in the following order: [2] UE Setting & Info > [1] Setting > [1] Protocol > [4] GCF > [1] GSM/(E)GPRS/WCDMA GCF ON It will say “success”, please reboot via the phone’s power menu after the confirmation.NOTE: To turn GCF OFF please select [2] CANCEL SETTING (GCF OFF) as last option. 2. GCF Setting for Mega, S4 and S4 Triband Tap the GCF Settings Button or tap on the app menu, then tap on GCF Settings dropdown menu item, then tap on these options in the following order: [1] UMTS > [1] DEBUG SCREEN > [6] PHONE CONTROL > [7] NETWORK CONTROL > [1] GCF > [1] GSM/(E)GPRS/WCDMA REL8. (This item set GCF ON). It will say “success”, please reboot via the phone’s power menu after the confirmation.NOTE: To turn GCF OFF please select [5] SETTING CANCELLATION as last option. If above not working, here other option 1. Dial *#0011# and in the service menu do the following.2. Click “Menu” then “Key input” then input Q then press “Ok”.3. Click “Menu” then “Back”.4. Click “Menu” then “Key input” then input 0000 then click “Ok”.After these steps Hidden menu should open. In Hidden menu, depending on available options, try to do the following:I.Press UMTSPress DEBUG SCREENPress PHONE CONTROLPress NETWORK CONTROLSet GCF to ONII.Press [2] UE SETTING & INFOPress [1] SETTINGSPress [4] GCFSet […]

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Apple Device MDM Bypass Tutorial (iPhone,iPad,iPod)

This Tutorial is Bypass on the MDM on Apple Devices,Not remove! It can be works on iPod,iPad,iPhone,if not working,please update to latest iOS before do. Please read all the steps: – If your device is iCloud lock this tutorial will not work Download this and copy the folder to the backup folder into itunes backup * for mac: ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/ * for win: /Users/ (username)/AppData/roaming/Apple Computer/MobileSync/Backup/ Restore the device and choose the BypassMDM backup,its name”iPhone 4″,then continue,it will reboot / restart -(Do not disconnect the device until you see Update Completed on the Device. Continue-Do not connect Wi-Fi just click Next-follow the steps but Do Not use or add passcode and Touch ID – when you reach the MDM screen please press the home button-click the Wi-Fi Settings- connect to wifi. On the Configuration then press back button,you will see passcode screen press without a passcode. – Press next to MDM profile page – press backagain to the passcode screen – and now you will bypass the MDM and see Welcome Screen- DONE You can update the iOS on the Device Software update,but Do not restore/Update by iTunes and Do Not Reset with Erase All Content and Setting,that way you will ask the MDM Configuration on activation again,if happens,you can use this same steps to bypass it. Enjoy it!!

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Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime G532 FRP,Root and Unlock!

Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime G532 FRP , Root and Unlock! FRP Bypass & Remove: Connect with WIFI on the Setup wizard. Triple click the Home button to enable the Talk-back Handwritten L type on the Screen- Text-Speech Settings – Triple click the Home button to disable the Talk-back Click Back on the Left-Top until you see the Setting Click the Device Maintenance – Device Security – Click the End User Licence Agreement on the Term and Conditions It will be appears the Open with then choose Internet browner – and go back here to download the files: 1. Android_6_Google Manager  2. Quick shortcut-maker Click the Bookmakers on the Internet Browner – History – Download History –  then click and Install the Android_6_Google Manager. Now install the Quick shortcut-maker and Open it – Search Google Account Manager -Click the first Type Email and Password –  Click Try Click the Right Top – Browner Sign-in – sign in your google account Restart the phone and your account will be added to the phone, finish the setup wizard then do the factory reset. Done, Your device removed the FRP already!