HomeTechAll HUAWEI FRP/Google Lock Bypass Android EMUI or WITHOUT SIM CARD

All HUAWEI FRP/Google Lock Bypass Android EMUI or WITHOUT SIM CARD

All HUAWEI FRP/Google Lock Bypass Android EMUI or WITHOUT PC

preparation and comfire the version is or 10.0.0190 (sure some different verison may works too)

if the phone still on under EMUI 10, please update the firmeware first.

  • press and hold both volume buttons and power button to update with Flash drive or SD card.


  1. Download the correct version of your phone to Flash Dirve or SD Card
  2. Hold and press the Volume Up button and Power button for few seconds,Release the power button when you see the Huawei Logo
  3. The phone will enter to the recovery mode
  4. Clear data -Factory reset (Enter yes to comfire)
  5. Back to the recovery menu- click Update mode-eRecovery mode-Emergency backup-Continue.
  6. The wait until the phone reset and see Data partition corrupted. Format the partition to continue. click Low-Level format-enter yes to comfirm to factory reset(if not see this page, try again setp4 and 5)
  7. Once the low-level format finish,insert the Flash Drive and press and hold volume up and power button to reboot the phone to recovery mode,and click Update mode-Memory card/OTG Update mode,and the phone It will be automatically update and reboot.
  8. Once update finish, press the volume up and power buttons to reboot to recovery mode again
  9. Click Update mode-eRecovery mode-Emergency backup-continue
  10. The phone will be reboot and see the eRecovery backup mode.
  11. Click the FIRST ONE backup copy (SPAINISH:COPIA DE RESPALDO)  – Click Here (spainsh:aqui)  (small blue word at middle-lower of the screen), It will pop up Chrome – click accept and continue – No, Thanks
  12. Click the three dots at Right-Top corner- settings (spinish:configuración) – Notifications (Spinish:Notificaciones) – Click Chrome Logo- Permissions (Spinish:Permisos) -Location (Spinish:Localización) – See all apps that have this permission (Spinish:Ver todas las apps que tienen este permiso)- Google – See all Google permissions(Spinish-Ver todos los permisos de Google)- Click Google Logo – Notifications (Spinish:Notificaciones) – More settings (Spinish:Más ajustes)- Search always (Spinish:siempre) and you will see Always retry offline searches and click it – Mannage pending searches (Spinish: Adminstrar busquedas pendientes)
  13. Now the phone will be on Google page – click Search (Spinish: Buscar) – enter and search settings (Spinish:ajustes) – click Turn on Wifi and select a network (Spinish: Seleciona una red Wi-Fi) – Now connect your wifi and go back search settings again
  14. you will be see the settings with icon – click it and it will on phone’s settings menu now.
  15. click Biometrics & password (Spinish:Datos biométricos y contraseña)- Lock Screen password (Spinish: contraseña de bloqueo de pantalla)- set your own password (on case I set as 111111) – cancel the fingerprint setup and go back to settings menu and click System&Update  (Spinish:Sistema y actualizaciones) – Reset (spinish:Restablecimiento)- Reset all settings (Spinish:Restablecer todos los ajustes)- Click Reset all settings- Enter the password you just set to comfirm.
  16. Once the settings reset , the phone will back to eRecovery  Backup mode page, now reboot the phone
  17. Wait until the phone reboot to setup page,then setup connect with WIFI and it will be pass the FRP lock and Removed.
  18. Done!! Enjoy!
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