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Oneplus Android 10 FRP Bypass 2021

Oneplus Android 10 FRP Bypass 2021 1.Turns on the phone and connect with WIFI. 2.Go back to the first page of the setup wizard and choosen other language like Chinese 3.Setup the phone by next and allow until Goolge account lock page or any you can enter by keyboard. 4.Once the keyboard popup,clikc the Language setting (Earth icon?)and click Language settings-Add keyboard-Choose any language that has the > on right side 5.Click the Three dots at the upper right corner-Help and feedback-Click the first title then you should get Youtube ,click the Youtube video and click the three dots at the Upper right corner-Watch later,it will be popup Chorome. 6. Now on the Chorme,type https://frp.yatoon.com 7.Download and install the 8 Google-Account-Manager 8/9/10.(you will be need to allow to install unknown sources apps) (if the ads go on,please click Back and click again to download) 8. Download and install the 5.FRP Bypass Android 8 and open it. 9.On FRP Bypass App,click Bypass FRP-Browser Sign in-click the Three dots at the upper right corner-browser sign in-Now enter your google account and password. 10.Now go back to FRP.yatoon.com on Chrome,Click the 14.Open Settings App and it will popup system settings-Apps&notifications-See all Apps 11. Find and click to Uninstall the Google Account Manager,sure you can also uninstall the FRP Bypass app too as you don’t need it anymore. 12. Go Back until to the Phone’s setup wizard and your account will be Added to the phone,Now you can setup the phone. 13.Done.  

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Samsung Galaxy FRP Bypass Android 11 New Security 2021 – PC

Samsung Galaxy FRP Bypass Android New Security 2021 – PC You will be need other Android phone that has logged in to your google account to setup this.   Download and Unzip the FRP Tool  EasySamsungFrp2020_v2 Installed Samsung Drives if still not. Open the App SamsungFrp2021.exe and click Disable Drives signatures,then reboot the computer Turns on the phone and connect wit WIFI Connect the Phone to Computer vis USB Cable Open the Samsung FRP Tool and click FRP Bypass The phone will appeals a message windows and click View, it will be open Chrome Enter frp.yatoon.com on Chrome Click the #14 Open settings App and it will be open settings of the phone Go to Accounts and backup-Bring data from old device (or restore on some verison) Click Download Samrt Switch if popup prompt,and wait until Smart Switch popup Once on Smart Switch, Click Agree-Allow-Receive data-Galaxy/Android-Choose your connect by calbe or wireless Open the smart Switch app on your other phone,choose Send data and same connect option (Cable or Wireless) as step#12 Waitted get Connected and Click Allow to transfer One the FRP Locked phone, unselected all and only selecte Accounts and settings, then click Transfer,and click Copy on your other phone. It will be need you enter your google account password to setup on FRP Locked phone. Enter to sign in and it will be begin transfer. Once transfer finish,click Go to Home screen and you will be good to setup and bypass.